Review of the Family Law SystemThe Australian Family Law System Review has reached the next stage with the release of the Discussion Paper on the 2nd October 2018.

What is the Review?

The review is being undertaken by the Australian Law Reform Commission to review the Family Law System in Australia. The discussion paper makes 124 proposals and asks 33 questions which you can comment on as part of the community consultation.

Time limit

The ALRC invites submissions in response to the proposals, questions and analysis in the Discussion Paper by 13 November 2018.

About the Discussion Paper

The discussion paper is a 357 page document that is made up of the following sections

  1. Executive summary
  2. Education, Awareness and Information
  3. Simpler and Clearer Legislation
  4. Getting Advice and Support
  5. Dispute Resolution – including expanding the availability of FDR, FDR in property and financial matters and supporting further development of FDR and LADR models
  6. Reshaping the Adjudication Landscape
  7. Children in the Family Law System
  8. Reducing Harm
  9. Additional Legislative Issues
  10. A skilled and Supported Workforce
  11. Information Sharing
  12. System Oversight and Reform Evaluation

Our Submissions

We are in the process of reviewing the document in relation to the proposed changes regarding Family Dispute Resolution for Mediation Institute and the proposed changes with regards to Information and Support for Interact Support

If you have specific comments about either of these areas that you would like to share with us as we put together our response please use the form on our Contact Us page.   

More Information and to download the Discussion Paper

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