People don’t usually learn well in isolation and you can learn skills that require human interaction without … you guessed it. Human interaction.

That is why we run so many role plays as part of our Mediation training courses.  The more you do the better you’ll get.

Mi Group Supervision Sessions

The Mi Group Supervision Sessions are a way of supporting shared learning, collaboration and support for Mediation Institute Students.

The sessions are a mandatory part of our CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution course but we are happy for students in our old Graduate Diploma course to come along as well.

What happens in Mi Group Supervision?

The group supervision sessions follow a format that helps ensure that participants are able to prepare:

  • Introductions and catch ups
  • Review of Monthly Learning Goals
  • Work Placements – questions, options and discussion
  • Professional Literature and Program Evaluations Discussions – Student led discussion on what you have been reading and exploring in addition to course work
  • Q and A – any miscellaneous questions or information to be shared
  • Wrap up and action plans – what’s the one thing you are going to absolutely commit to doing to develop your skills and/or knowledge in the next 7 days?

How do I find out when the Supervision Sessions are?

The Supervision Sessions are noted on the Role Play Scheduler (accessible via the Links link in the Learning Management System)


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