Self-Directed Learning

  A wide variety of self paced non-accredited courses in interpersonal, IT, management, leadership and communication skills. Low cost and high impact opportunities for professional skills development.  

Online Learning

Low cost, self-directed online learning. These courses are non-accredited self-paced courses of study designed to help you develop your professional skills in your own time or supported by your employer.


Contact us for a quotation on an in-house or online workshop to help consolidate and apply the online learning. Individual coaching is also available. Help to set and achieve your professional development goals.

Wide range of courses

With over fifty courses available across a number of skill sets there is bound to be a course to interest you.

Self-Paced, Individually Coached or Team Workshop.

You have a choice of delivery models depending on your budget and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enrol?
Self-paced learning is on demand. Complete your enrolment and you can start the next day. Coaching sessions can generally be organised within a week or two of your enrolment subject to your availability. We encourage you to have a look around at the course before your first coaching session. Workshops often take longer to organise as we like to customise workshop objectives with your organisations leaders and provide enough time for participants to complete online pre-learning before the workshop.  
Is this VET Training?
No. They are short, targeted courses designed to provide the skills needed without any extra costs or requirements.  
What payment terms do your offer?
Courses must be paid for before your elearning login can be allocated. Talk to us about payment terms for workshops.  
What courses do you have available?
We have a large number of courses available


What is your refund policy?
Refunds are generally not available once you begin your course or confirm and pay for your coaching or workshop.  Please be aware that the self-paced courses are online learning not workshops or trainer led training.  

Don't Be Shy

For more information about any of our courses please send us an email and we’ll give you a detailed overview.
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