Are you a business owner who is looking to develop your qualifications in Mediation in order to grow your business?

The Industry Skills Fund helps business to invest in training and support services to help them achieve growth. The Industry Skills Fund primarily targets micro, small or medium businesses.

Eligibility criteria apply to access the Industry Skills Fund. Contributions toward the costs of training are based on business size.

If you are interested in finding out more visit or call 13 28 46.


Our understanding is that the fund is taking applications but there is a freeze on decisions until after the federal election so we don’t expect successful applications will be approved before the Graduate Diploma qualification change from CHC80308 to CHC81115 occurs.

If you are keen to enrol in the current Graduate Diploma qualification but are having difficulty with our normal payment plan of six months interest free we can accept a payment plan as long as you are able to complete your payment for the course before the qualification must be completed (June 2017)

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