Mi External Complaint Handing Service for RTO's

Find out more about Mediation Institute’s External Complaint Handling service for RTO’s

Membership based complaint handling

Save time and money when it comes to complaint handling by being a Mi Education Provider Member.

Standard Six - Fair Complaint Handling

ASQA outlines the requirements for RTO’s with regards to external and independent complaint handling. Now hidden in the new  structure for the user guide in Chapter 3 – Support and Progression.

Low cost

Mediation Institute Education Provider Membership is a low cost and efficient way to ensure compliance with standard six. 

Complimentary Review

Mediation Institute is a specialist in Dispute Resolution. All members are provided with a free review of your internal complaint and appeals handling processes.

Best Practice in Dispute Resolution

Ticking the compliance box means that your RTO has all the cost without the competitive benefits.  Why not choose to be better?

Membership and Support Options

Members are entitled to a free review of your compliant handling policy and procedures and a discounted rate on our consulting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Join through our online process.

If you require an invoice rather than credit card payment simply click the Direct Bank Transfer option rather than credit card when you get through to the Checkout.


When can I get my complimentary Review and Report?

As soon as you become a member Mediation Institute will be in touch to provide you with a Membership Certificate (for your compliance documentation) and initiate the review process.


What happens if we have a complaint?

If you have a complaint it should go through your internal complaint handling process.

If it is resolved that will indicate that your internal systems are working well and your staff are well trained in dispute resolution.

If it is unable to be resolved or your complainant requests an independent facilitator you should escalate the complaint to Mediation Institute.

We will speak with your staff and with the complainant and determine the best approach.

The majority of complaints are resolved at this stage and with no further cost incurred beyond your membership fee  however some issues may require additional interventions such as mediation or investigation.

A Fee would apply if these services are required.


Why risk non-compliance or pay to much for your complaint handling?

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