Mediation Institute now offers the opportunity for organisations to arrange a blended delivery NMAS Accreditation Course through a hosted workshop model.

How does it work?

Mediation Institute provides this opportunity for organisations who have 3 or more students who they want to train as NMAS Accredited Mediators.

You provide the venue and pay for any travel that is required for our trainers to go to site and we provide the blended delivery. The workshop is designed as a practical role play opportunity and includes three days of intensive practice with three role plays scheduled each day plus Q&A sessions, discussions and exploration of the role of mediation in your business.

You can enroll more students however the need to be in multiples of three people (the role play tri’s)

If you do not have multiples of threes consider hosting for students from other organisations or individuals who want this skill set. Mediation Institute pays a rebate of $150 for each student who you host from another organisation to cover catering and incidental costs.

Mi Blended Delivery Model

Blended delivery means that part of the training is online and part is at the workshop. Our method is to teach theory through eLearning and skills development through video or face to face role plays.

  • When students enroll they will be enrolled in the online learning and can get started
  • They are required to participate in a minimum of three video mediation role plays including one as the mediator before the workshop
  • During the workshop there will be two practice days and an assessment day

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