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Graduate Certificate in NLP (Sydney Training)

Are you interested in NLP?

Our partner RTO, Inspiritive, have their next 1025NAT Graduate Diploma Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming course.

Now is the best time ever to enroll due to a 50% discount on this course only.  They will be recording the training for use in later training sessions and in recognition you will save significantly on the cost of the training. 

This is Australia’s only Postgraduate Qualification in NLP on the Australian Qualification Framework.

Course Dates

 Next Course Dates – Sydney 2021

Unit 1: May 14 – 17
Unit 2: June 4 – 7
Unit 3: July 9 – 12
Unit 4: August 6 – 9
Unit 5: September 3 – 6
Unit 6: October 1 – 4
Unit 7: October 29 – November 1
Unit 8: November 26 – 29

Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Venue: Bellevue Hill, Sydney

Limited places available

There are limited places left for this program so please contact Chris Collingwood if you are interested in attending this program.


To apply please contact Chris on 0425 298176 to arrange a phone interview.  

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In this guide the team at Inspiritive explain the distinctions between classic and new code NLP in a free 20 page guide.

Are you curious about the difference between the original Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP), its derivatives and Grinder’s New Code of NLP? 

NLP was developed in the 1970’s and like everything has evolved over time.

Inspiritives are trainers of New Code NLP.

Choosing a trainer can be difficult with the limited amount of information about the differences in NLP scattered around the web.

Mi Trainer and Director of Applied Learning is a graduate of Inspiritives 1025NAT Graduate Diploma Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming course.

If you would like a graduates perspective get in touch with Ken to discuss his perceptions. 

Ken Speakman

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Graduate Certificate in NLP (Sydney Training)

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