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Good Things Free Digital Literacy Courses

Mediation Institute are strong advocates for digital literacy.

As you may or may not know the third industrial revolution, the digital revolution, began at the end of the last century. 

We now live in the digital age and there is no excuse for you not to learn the basic skills needed to work with the tools of this era. 

If this isn’t a concept that you have considered Wikipedia gives you a basic timeline that you may have missed while busy doing other things!

Free Digital Literacy Courses

The Good Things Foundation is a federal government supported not-for-profit that supports the development of digital literacy through a national network of supporters.  Mediation Institute provides support to our community through this program.

Improve Your Digital Skills

You can also learn online at your own pace from the most basic of basics up to more advanced topics. 

Visit the learning portal at

Want hands on help?

Come along to Techy Tuesday for Mediators for online hands on help with online mediation related (or other) technology. 

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Good Things Free Digital Literacy Courses

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