Getting Started Videos for Students and Mediation Institute Members

How to log into Study 247 Online

Mi Learning Management System

Mediation Institute provides the theory part of our training via a Learning Management System (LMS)  to facilitate flexible, accessible online learning.

Watch this video about logging into the LMS.

We also use a course area in the LMS for our Members as a collaborative learning and sharing space. In the members course there are sample documents, videos, links and other resources to help our members with their professional practice as mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners.

Log into Study247.online to find the link and get started.

How to sign up for Mediation Institute Role Plays

Video Mediation Role Plays

Mediation Institute runs a number of video mediation role plays each week for our students and members.

We use a google docs. spreadsheet for participants to self-organise based on mentor availability. The link to view and participate is in the Mediation Institute NMAS Course, CHC81115 Grad. Dip. in FDR Course and Mediation Institute Members Collaboration area.

Log into Study247.online to find the link and see what’s on.

How to use the Mediation Institute Events Calendar to find out what's on.

Free Professional Development

Mediation Institute runs a wide variety of friendly and engaging professional development events with various professional development opportunities each week.

Each month we run form of webinars, online peer group supervision, practice development masterminds and tutorials on mediation and family dispute resolution related topics.

Guest presenters are invited from time to time so if you are interested in presenting for other members on a topic you are passionate about please get in touch to discuss your proposal.

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