What does it cost to become NMAS Accredited?

Become a NMAS Accredited Mediator through Mediation Institute


There are three steps in the process although we provide the training and assessment in one all-inclusive course fee.

  1. the training is mandated by the NMAS Standards and requires you participate in 38 hours of training unless you qualify for experience qualified or the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Experienced Pathway
  2. the assessment is a 90-minute role-play and theory which we include as part of the course fee
  3. application for accreditation by becoming a member of a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB) such as Mediation Institute

Current Fee for Training, Assessment and Membership

Before the 15th November 2019 – $3,068 including GST

After the 15th November 2019 – $3,315

+ insurance (if you need it less than $250)

NMAS Mediator Course and Assessment

NMAS Mediator Course and Assessment is delivered fully online via eLearing and video mediation role plays.

You will participate in a minimum of 9 role plays including a minimum of 3 as a mediator and then do a 90 minute role play assessment.

Includes extra coaching and a re-assessment at no extra cost if needed.

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New NMAS Mediator Membership

New NMAS Accreditation Membership for accreditation with Mediation Institute

Membership Application Form with required evidence of eligibility is also required.

Download the application form here – Mi NMAS New Member-Application-form Feb 2020

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