FDR Refresher Course

This professional development course is for registered family dispute resolution practitioners who want to undertake professional development. Based on our Family Dispute Resolution accredited training this course is a certificate course for those who are already accredited. The course fee includes all training, mentored role plays, and assessment delivered online at your own pace.

Who is this course for?

This course is for registered family dispute resolution practitioners who want to do specific professional development that includes both parenting and property FDR. This is usually because:

The course is only available to registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.



Delivery Model

Mediation Institute provides this course by eLearning.

The benefit of that is that you can take the course from anywhere in Australia as long as you have reasonable internet access. 

Which means that there is no barrier to you refreshing your skills and delivering FDR Services again. 

The course has a mandatory role play demonstration in order to receive a Certificate of Competence.  This is not a theory only course, unless you want it to be. 

The course is self-paced allowing you to complete the course at your preferred pace.

Course Duration

We estimate that the course takes about 25 hours to complete.

This includes the opportunity to practice facilitating with video mediation role plays which each take two (2) hours to complete.  

You can facilitate as the mediator in up to 4 role plays and as many as you like as a role player with other students on the course and students in our Family Dispute Resolution and Property FDR Courses. 

If you would like to mediate in more fully mentored role plays you can book them in at a reduced fee of $220 per two-hour role play. 

To be issued a certificate of completion you must competently demonstrate your ability to facilitate a pre-mediation assessment, parenting mediation and a property mediation in a simulation via video mediation.
Full support will be provided to learn video mediation if you are not yet comfortable with video mediation through our Video Meeting Facilitation Course.

FDR Refresher Course

Training and Certification
$ 1,650
per person incl. GST
  • Self-Paced Online Learning at the same standard as our FDR Course.
  • As many video mediation role plays as a role player as you want
  • Four (4) Live Mentored Video Mediation Role Plays as the mediator
  • Access to MODRON and FamilyProperty Software
  • Access to tools, templates, webinars and mentoring to get your professional practice established
  • Bonus Online Mediation Certificate (normally $330)
  • Invitation to real client work with Interact Online in a co-mediation model once assessed as competent.

FDR Role Plays

Professional Practice
$ 220
per role play 50% discount
  • Live mentored video mediation role play
  • Pre-Mediation, Risk Screening, Parenting, Property, Safety Planning, High Conflict, Shuttle, Child Inclusive or other scenario of your choice
  • Access to use MODRON and/or FamilyProperty during the role play
  • Your choice of mentor
Xtra practice

Meet The Team​

All team members are accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners

No need to travel

By making use of the internet and video meeting technology get your professional development or upskill from your home or office.

All you need is a computer with a web camera and audio capabilities or headset.

You can even join video meetings by smart phone or tablet but you will need a computer to take the role of mediator.

Our course is designed to be fitted in around other life responsibilities such a work or care responsibilities.

Perfect practice makes perfect

You know the only way you can develop skills is to practice because no amount of theory will allow you to develop real skill. For skills you have to practice.

Participate in as many role plays as you want as a role player. Experience mediation from a clients perspective plus participate in the post role play discussion and learn.  
Even if you are experienced in face to face mediation  – live video mediation Role plays with immediate feedback to help you to adjust and refine your approach to using technology.  

Rural Residents

Living in the Country?

This course was designed for everyone but especially for people who live in regional areas who find it difficult to get to workshops in major population areas.

As long as you have access to the internet you can do this course.

If you don’t have reliable internet but can find at least two friends to do the course with you get in touch to talk about alternatives.

Blended Learning

Do you have a group of staff to upskill?

We can provide the option of onsite mentoring or build a customised theory only course to provide you with a way to monitor staff engagement with their professional development and support your own onsite trainers.

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Family Property


Are you interested in using Legal Tech to save time and improve results but unsure about it?

We can train using excel spreadsheets but recommend FamilyProperty if you are serious about the property FDR part of your practice. 

Find out more about Family Property

Our course includes ongoing support should any major changes occur in the family law system as a result of legislative changes. Learn from the experts!

Course content is delivered via eLearning. Course Content Includes:

This module is designed to make sure that you have a current understanding of the various laws that relate to the practice of Property Family Dispute Resolution.

It is essential that as a facilitator of property mediation you have a reasonable understanding of the family law system as it is important that you know whether or not your clients have a clear sense of the range of results they may be able to obtain from a court if mediation is not successful.

If you do not it is going to be difficult for you to know whether clients have had or understood their legal advice, to properly help them to reality test proposals and to provide them with legal information when appropriate.

In this module you will be required to read sections of legislation and create summaries related to your obligations as a FDR Practitioner in terms of property mediation.

You will also review workplace documents provided in a FDR service.

This module provides an overview of Family Dispute Resolution and has at least 24 hours of recorded webinars and role plays you can view.  We don’t recommend you just view recordings. Come to the live role plays!  

This module reviews your ethical obligations as a FDR Practitioner and refreshes you on all of your obligations for registration. 

If there are changes to the Family Law (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) Regulations 2008 or NMAS Standards they will be updated here. 


This module looks at the FDR Case Management Process, documentation and tools.  

It has sample documents and examples and the opportunity to access student versions of FamilyProperty and MODRON.  

It is structured to look at the documentation required for each stage in the process:

  1. Documents used during preliminary negotiations
  2. documents used during pre-mediation
  3. documents used during preparation for mediation
  4. documents used during mediation
  5. documents used after mediation
  6. section 60i Certificates
  7. Email templates
  8. FDR property spreadsheet.

This module includes information about the dynamics of family violence including: 

  1. power and control,
  2. family violence and children,
  3. blame
  4. intergenerational trauma
  5. family violence in idigenous families
  6. recognise and respond to family violence tactics
  7. risk screening 
  8. working with victims of violence 
  9. working with users of violence 

This module looks at our obligations to clients to ensure they and their children are safe and supported even if we are not able to assist with FDR. 

It also realates to ensuring that clients have access to the information and advice they need to make informed decisions. 

It is not about having an adversarial relationship with lawyers! 

This module looks at the process differences for parenting and property mediation and the various ways that you can help clients to prepare for mediation.   

Live mentored video role plays are available unless you want to complete theory only or have alternative arrangements in place.

This module looks at the process differences for parenting and property mediation and the various ways that you can help clients to negotiate a resolution to their differences during mediation. 

Live mentored video role plays are available unless you want to complete theory only or have alternative arrangements in place.

This module looks at child informed and child inclusive processes for parenting FDR and the various ways that you can help clients to negotiate a resolution to their parenting differences during mediation that upholds the principal of best interest of the child. 

Live mentored video role plays are available unless you want to complete theory only or have alternative arrangements in place.

This module looks at professional development and contains the information you need to provide in order to be issued either a certificate of completion for a minimum of 25 hours of CPD or a Certificate of Competence following assessment of your skills in pre-mediation, parenting or property FDR.   

We can provide a Certificate of Completion and a Certificate of Competence for the areas of the work that were assessed only if you do not want skills assessment in all areas. 


The Certificate of Competency requires demonstration of competence or alternative evidence.  

The Certificate of Completion is evidence of spending 25 hours or more completing FDR practitioner specific professional development. This is made up of content in our learning management system as follows. 

Video Meeting Facilitator Certificate

If you also complete the Video Meeting Facilitator Certificate course. The skills that you will have developed (using zoom as the meeting tool) are:

Not an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner yet?

Only need to brush up on Property FDR?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for Family Dispute Resolution?

No. This is professional development for accredited family dispute resolution practitioners who want professional development in FDR mediation. See our  CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution.course if you are not yet qualified to apply to be a FDR Practitioner.

Do I have to complete the entire course to get my Professional Development Certificate?

No. This course is intended to give you the option of what you want to focus on. We issue a certificate to indicate 25 hours or more once you have completed 25 hours or more.  We use a learning management system that indicates the number of pages you view and the time you spend so it isn’t sufficient to open up the course for a day!  You may find that you spend the time on just one module but we are happy to keep the course open for you for six months. How much of the course you consume and the number of role plays you do as a role player are up to you. The fee includes up to four role plays as a mediator if you choose to do them.   

Are there payment options?

The course is generally paid for in full up front however we are always willing to consider reasonable proposals for alternative arrangements.  We’d be happy to offer up to a six month payment plan but can not issue your certificate until the course is paid for.  

I've already done property mediation in my NMAS course. Can I get a credit?

No. We don’t believe that it is possible to lean basic mediation and property family dispute resolution in a 38 hour basic mediation course.

Our course is at the same level as our Graduate Diploma level training and the course you have done is not equivalent in any way. In our course we offer the opportunity to participate in video mediation role plays to develop and have your skills assessed.

Likewise a 1 day group workshop you may have done  is not equivalent to this course.

What if I fail my assessment?

You will have the opportunity to participate in more than one practice role play if doing the course online. You will be given feedback and the opportunity to participate in another role play until you develop all of the skills you need.  You can choose what you would like your four included role are in. 

If your workplace has arranged an onsite role play day and you are assessed as not-yet-competent you can later participate in an online role play to further develop your skills.  Additional fees may apply.

 https://www.mediationinstitute.edu.au/product/coached-mediation-practice-session/  The fee is $220 if you are enrolled in this course or a Mediation Institute Member not the $440 standard fee. 

What if I don't want to do video mediation?

We are not currently proposing to run public workshops although if we get enough expressions of interest we may.  We are happy to provide a quote to send a trainer to your site to train your team onsite. A minimum of 3 people will be required.

You would still be expected to participate in the online learning. If you do  not do the online role plays you will not be eligible for the Online Mediator Certificate.

Where can I find out more about the course?

The best way to find out more about the course is to book in for a discussion with our Director of Studies Joanne Law https://calendly.com/joanne-law/short-appointment

Joanne will answer any questions that you have about any aspect of the course and help you to work out if the learning method is right for you.

If you are nervous about the video mediation or unsure if your internet connection or computer are able to cope arrange for a video meeting to find out.

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