The Dispute Resolution Agency

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The Dispute Resolution Agency

The Dispute Resolution Agency 

Our vision for the Dispute Resolution Agency is a one-stop location to locate Dispute Resolution Professionals of all types. 

NMAS Mediators, Lawyers, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and also financial planners, Arbitrators, Conflict Coaches, Accountants, Counsellors, Child Specialists, Parenting Coordinators and any other specialist roles for people working within the dispute resolution sector. 

If you work with people who are in conflict or have disputes we’d welcome you on the Agency. 

How does the Dispute Resolution Agency Work?


It is an agency where we host your profile, promote you and the agency in general.

The aim is to:

  • help other professionals to save time when looking for specialists to help with dispute resolution related matters
  • to provide an easy way for clients to find the right professionals for them. 

The artificial intelligence algorithm is able to read the profiles of our agency members and presents the most suitable people based on the search terms or filters used. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a set monthly fee which is currently:

  • $90 per month for practitioners
  • $600 per month for agencies.

Mediation Institute Members enjoy a $60 a month discount off the standard practitioner rate.

No additional per-lead or per-customer rate or percentage.

Yes. You will get the discount once you join.  

Membership is available for NMAS Mediators, FDR Practitioners and Family Group Conference Facilitators. 

Find out more about joining Mediation Institute. 

We can extend the Mi Member discount to current Mediation Institute students giving you three months to join Mediation Institute after you complete your studies to continue on the subsidised Mediation Institute subscription rate.  

If you don’t join Mediation Institute your monthly subscription will go up to the standard rate at the time.   

You must have a professional role in the dispute resolution sector to be eligible to list on the Agency while a student of one of our courses. 

For example, if you are a practising lawyer or psychologist and want to list that part of your business now and add mediation once you complete your studies that would be fine. 

No that is the beauty and intention of the Agency.

Unlike most directories which are for specific roles, this is a whole of sector directory of dispute resolution related roles. 

If you are qualified in more than one category you can list for the same set per month fee.  

We encourage you to select the roles you are qualified to work and use your profile to really clarify the types of clients you are looking for. 

If it is a formally recognised role then let us know and we will consider adding it. 

In the interim you can use your profile description to explain to potential clients and referrers exactly what it is that you do. 

 Please contact us to discuss. Contacts

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The Dispute Resolution Agency Australasia

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