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CHCSS00110 – Mediation Skill Set Training Information

The Mediation Skill Set is a three unit skill set available in the CHC42015 Certificate IV in Community Services or credits towards a range of qualifications in the Community Services Training Package.

Why do most people do the NMAS Accreditation Course rather than the Mediation Skill Set?

The requirements for the Skill Set are higher than those for NMAS Accreditation but the industry recognition is lower. This is because the Mediator Standards Board (MSB) established the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) which relates to training and professional practice separately to the Vocational Training and Education System (VET).

Why complete the Mediation Skill Set?

There are several reasons why the Mediation Skill Set may be a great option, especially for companies wanting to train a team of employees in mediation skills. 

  • It provides a vocational qualification in mediation and we can also recognise it towards NMAS Accreditation if you want both.
  • It is more comprehensive and suitable for training a team to deliver mediation in the workplace. Mediation Institute can offer a tailored in-house program with recognition for real-world mediations that learners undertake. 

This four element unit covers the skills you need to properly prepare for mediation. To be assessed as competent for this unit the student must have evidence that they have prepared for at least 5 meditations according to the standards.  Mediation Institute provides the materials, training and assessment in partnership with an RTO. Work placement is not provided for this unit.

What is included in the skill set?

There are three units of competence that make up the skill set.

Online or Blended Learning Training Options

Our course materials can be used as fully online learning or for blended delivery.

The theory is delivered through online learning, webinars, videos and discussions.  Quizzes and other practical assessment activities develop and test the students knowledge of mediation and cover topics ranging from the ethics of marketing a mediation practice to writing up agreements and everything in between.

Skills are developed through role plays which can be conducted through Video Mediation or we may be able to support in-house training within your organisation with the venue supplied by you.

This course exceeds the requirements for NMAS training and Assessment for NMAS Accreditation can be included at no extra fee.

The course is offered by Mediation Institute in partnership with a registered training organisation.  

Get in touch if you are an RTO looking for a content provider / content deliverer for this qualification or a student interested in finding out the difference between this course and the NMAS Accreditation.

What does the skill set cost ?

Due to low demand for this training, we do not have an ongoing program, and the delivery is in-house with a group training program developed based on location and logistics.  We also offer the option of Recognition of Prior learning for people already mediating who would like the VET recognition.  It is best to speak with us to work out if this is a better option for you. 

The training would generally not be more than our NMAS Training and Assessment course per person but depending on the logistics of the proposed program may be less expensive. 

Do you have more questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, call us on 1300 781 533 or book in time for a call back.

Three Unit Skill Set