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CHC81115 – Training Comparison Tool

When it comes to deciding on your training provider for vocational training it is important to do your due diligence. We think that Mediation Institute’s course comes out ahead of our competitors and so provide you with this Course Review document to help you evaluate your options.

Why the Mediation Institute Course gets so many ticks

Q. What qualification will I get?

The course you will do with Mediation Institute is the CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution. This is the qualification you will get if you do the full course. If you want to complete the minimum requirements for accreditation you can do the six core units. If so you will get a statement of attainment for those units. Mediation Institute provides you with the option to enrol in the remaining electives individually after you have completed the core units at $1,200 per unit.

Q. Can I learn the theory through self-paced online learning?

Yes. Mediation Institute delivers this course through online learning. You can go faster or slower than your classmates without penalty.

Q. Why do you use online learning rather than regular workshops?

Our values include flexibility and accessibility and the only way to provide training that is fully flexible and accessible is through online learning. Courses based on mandatory workshops don’t accommodate people working full time, full time carers or people living in rural and regional areas.

We all love workshops but getting to them is a pain, adds to the cost of the course and if you miss the workshop your studies may be impacted negatively. Our theory is delivered through online learning.

The learning management system we use is accessible to vision impaired students and limited only by the constraints you may have with your internet service. Unfortunately the NBN service available in many parts of Australia has been extremely disappointing and sub-standard. If you are concerned about the quality of your internet service please book in for a video meeting with us before finalising your enrolment.

Q. Do I have to participate in video meetings to successfully complete this course?

Yes. We think that online learning is a better way to learn theory compared with lecture format workshops. Retention of theory from lectures is low and so Mediation Institute uses a flipped learning model. That means that our workshops are always practical skills development opportunities not lectures. Online learning (good quality online learning) is used to teach theory through course work, learning activities, group discussions, interactive webinars and anything else we can think of to enhance learning.

Q. How flexible are Mediation Institute about course progress?

Going Faster – Because we use online learning there is no reason or benefit from holding back your studies to keep you with a training group. If you have the time and ability to complete your course more quickly we encourage you to do so and have designed in the flexibility for this to occur.
Going Slower – Over the years that we have been delivering this course we’ve had individual students who’ve encountered all kinds of life challenges. From leaving their relationship and ending up in a refuge due to family violence, to very serious health issues requiring surgery and family emergencies of all kinds.
We get that and so provide the opportunity for students to slow down or suspend their studies for a period of time if necessary. You can also suspend your payment plan if necessary when your studies are suspended. Our goal is for you to successfully complete your studies so if you are unable to keep up you can take longer. Our RTO partner allows up to 2 years without penalty and we may be able to arrange longer if necessary.

Q. Are there workshops, tutorials and FDR Supervision?

Online learning is only effective if it includes the ability to interact with others, discuss what you’re learning, talk about scenarios and situations and generally give the new knowledge a good working over so that you retain it. Mediation Institute provides fortnightly tutorials aligned to course content based on the progress rate that the average student should progress at. We also have the opportunity for you to participate in a monthly online peer supervision group with currently accredited and working FDR Practitioners. Great for networking as well as learning about what happens when theory meets practice and bringing to life ethical challenges.

Q. Do I get membership of a professional association?

As a Mediation Institute student, you will get free student membership of Mediation Institute Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body for the duration of your FDR Course. That is a saving of $20 a year off the student membership rate. All online webinars are free for Mi RMAB Members (normally $35 per person) and include a monthly webinar on marketing and practice development topics for mediators and FDR Practitioners. Visit to find out more about our RMAB. If you are already a NMAS Accredited Mediator we’d love you to join us. Full membership is $320 for two years including NMAS Accreditation. Full membership means that you are accredited through Mediation Institute and covered by our External Complaint Management Services. Member only membership is $220 for two years. This is for you if you can’t or do not want to transfer your NMAS Accreditation to Mediation Institute.  You will be eligible for free and discounted CPD but will usually be covered by the RMAB you are accredited through for your External Complaints Management Service.

Q. Has Mediation Institute won any awards for their training that were awarded by an independent awards process?

Awards provide an opportunity for training providers to have their training services independently evaluated by the industry. Mediation Institute won the eLearning Excellence Award for the Vocational Education and Training Sector in 2014 for our Graduate Diploma Course against a competitive field of major TAFE’s and independent RTO’s. The award was independently evaluated by the eLearning Excellence Association. Mediation Institute Winner of the eLearning Excellence Award 2014 We are aware of a provider of this training whose associated entity awarded them an award for their training so when asking this question make sure that awards were independently evaluated and based on merit.

Q. Does Mediation Institute support students with their work placement?

Yes. Mediation Institute has an arrangement in place to ensure that our students can meet the requirement of 50 hours of supervised work with clients under the supervision of an accredited FDR Practitioner.

Q. Does Mediation Institute require the full 50 hours of work placement mandated by the qualification?

Mediation Institute has an arrangement in place for work placement with Interact Support. This placement is guaranteed by Mediation Institute and included in the course fees. Placement may include video mediation with clients and/or face to face mediation. Face to face is not able to be provided in all locations and may require travel to participate. Any costs associated with travel to face to face mediation sessions are not included in the course fees. Mediation Institute is aware that some providers are indicating that the 50 hours work placement is advisory and that it is ok to count role plays as if they were work placement with real clients. We do not believe that this is the case and will be providing students with the opportunity to work under supervision with clients during your training. While some units do allow for assessment by simulation others require work placement. See the extract below and go to the full unit information.

CHCDSP001 – Facilitate dispute resolution in the family law context (Release 1)

Performance Evidence

  • performed the activities outlined in the performance criteria of this unit according to legal requirements and ethical standards during a period of 50 hours of dispute resolution work with clients, under the supervision of an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), in a dispute resolution service
  • facilitated, either individually or in a co-facilitation capacity, at least 5 different dispute resolution processes that individually or cumulatively include matters relating to:
  • domestic and family violence
  • child abuse/child protection
  • finances, including child support
  • property

Assessment Conditions

Skills must have been demonstrated in the workplace with the addition of simulations and scenarios where the full range of contexts and situations have not been provided in the workplace.

Our training design will ensure that you have the opportunity to work with a minimum of five different families who are experiencing different issues and needs. If you have the time available you will be able to work with more clients during your course.

Q. Are all trainers currently accredited FDR Practitioners working in the field?

Mediation Institute trainers are all accredited FDR Practitioners and they currently work with clients providing Family Dispute Resolution Services. Our trainers work with Interact Support and may also provide their services through another not-for-profit or independent business. They say that if you can’t do, teach. That is not true with regards to Mediation Institute.

Our policy is “If you can’t do, you can’t teach for Mi” Joanne Law, Director of Studies

Q. Are there flexible payment plans available?

You can pay for your course with Mediation Institute over installments of up to 12 months. The usual plans are $1,200 a month for 10 months or $1,500 a month for 8 months. The smallest monthly payment we can accept is $1,000 a month. If you are looking to space your payments out for longer than 12 months consider education finance.

Q. Does Mediation Institute provide access to Government Student Loans?

Mediation Institute does not provide access to Government Student Loans. If you are considering one of these loans please make sure that you are aware of the full cost of the loan including loan fees that apply as they are generally added to the loan and can add considerably to the cost of your qualification. Mediation Institute offers interest-free installment plans and access to education loans.

Q. Is there access to education finance?

You can access education finance for your course fees providing you have an income of more than $20,000 not predominately obtained from government benefits and have a reasonable credit rating. Find out more

Q. Do they have graduates and are they still fans?

The best proof of the quality of any training course is not the sales process. It is in the delivery and results that students get once they qualify. We think that you should be asking do they have graduates yet? For the CHC81115 course no but for the previous course CHC80308 yet. We have graduates working for FDR services and as independent FDR Practitioners throughout Australia. After employing a recent graduate a South Australian FDR Service contacted us to ask if we had any more graduates! Many of our graduates retain a close relationship with Mediation Institute as Members of the Mediation Institute Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body which is focused on supporting Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners as well as NMAS Accredited Mediators. Some have gone on to become colleagues as contractors to Interact Support Incorporated. Just get in touch if you would like to speak with one or more of our graduates before enrolling. Review our Testimonials Page for comments from graduates in their own words.

There are currently seven RTO’s with this qualification on scope although not all may be currently offering the course. 

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