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Changes to our Jobs Board

Mediation Institute is stopping our listing of jobs in the dispute resolution field.

Over the six years that Mediation Institute has been training dispute resolution we have seen a massive increase in the recognition by organisations and governments of the importance of dispute resolution.

There are now just too many opportunities for us to continue to provide a free jobs re-posting service for our members.

We have only been posting on an ad hoc basis and while we know that many of our members have secured jobs that we have alerted them to we want you to now look for the opportunities yourselves!

What we will continue to post

We will continue to post grants, tenders, opportunities to speak at relevant  conferences and other opportunities that don’t appear on job searches.

Where is the Mi Jobs board?

You can navigate to it by clicking the drop down under the Members tab on our website menu or using this link

We recommend Jora as your search engine for jobs

Jora scans Seek, company and government websites and other obscure locations for the jobs they post with no doubt highly trained AI bots.


New Jobs listed on Jora under the search term "mediation" 4.9.2019

This is a national search and not all the jobs will be relevant or desirable if relevant, (there is a law firm wanting to pay $22 an hour) but who knows that might be a foot in the door for someone with legal qualifications as well looking to break into the industry.

If you are looking for work in dispute resolution we encourage you to set up a Jora search and get a daily email from them with jobs in your area. 

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Changes to our Jobs Board

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