How to book in for Mediation Institute Events

Confused about how to locate and book in for Mediation Institute professional development events?

Students and Members. Don't miss out on valuable, free professional development opportunities for mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners. Watch the video to find out more about the events calendar and booking in for events through Eventbrite.  

Do you want to present a webinar for our members?

Presenting a webinar for Mediation Institute Members is a great way to get professional development credits, share your knowledge and build your presentation skills in a safe and supportive environment. For each one hour of presentation you get three hours of professional development credits to allow for the preparation process. If you have a subject close to your heart related to dispute resolution get in touch with your proposal for a presentation.

Presentation Proposal

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The Mediation Institute Story

The online learning platform available from Mediation Institute allows it’s students to learn to earn. The Mediation Institute students learn about their particular area of mediation, giving them the ability to find work. This means that your course will help you on your way to a new job opportunity or giving you a new qualification.

Mediation Institute has work with thousands of students to bring them the right information, training and knowledge. With the team being all professional trainers and mediators, you are getting practical and well-tested advice. You can also trust Mediation Institute to steer you in the right direction for your future employment. Contact Mediation Institute today for more information.

What do the courses do for me?

Mediation is a huge part of society. Without it in a family court settle, a marritle brake down or employee/work situation, this never get resolved. Mediation Institute will train you to identify key factors, signs and types of needs. With the thorough training by Mediation Institute, you will be well equipped to work as a mediator. You will also be able to slip into a variety of industries.

Special Webinar: Steve Brossman

Steve Brossman, the Authority Catalyst, talks about Authority Marketing in a special presentation for Mediation Institute students and graduates.

He provides some hints and tips on how to develop your Authority Marketing strategy and case study examples from other clients.

He also talks about a new, low cost four week program he has developed to give participants a hand with developing their own unique positioning so that you move from trying to sell yourself or your time to selling a system and solution.

Watch the video for more information on how to book in and the special offer that Steve made exclusively for Mediation Institute people. Make sure you let Steve know that you’re one of us for an individual review of your signature system and mentoring session.

The booking link is if you are interested in getting some help with developing your authority positioning.

Webinar: Marketing Topic: Getting Started in a new industry

In this webinar we talked about overcoming some of the challenges associated with being a new entrant into an industry.

Topics covered include:

Establishing your career goal and mission

Director of Studies, Joanne Law shares her vision and mission that led to the creation of Mediation Institute and our participants shared their goals and mission.

Specifically participants were asked to respond to three questions:

  1. What is your vision for your mediation career (your why?)
  2. What is mission (what are you going to do and how)
  3. What is your next step towards those goals

Getting started as a mediator

We then looked at some of the challenges sometimes faced by new entrants to mediation and FDR face when seeking to bridge the gap between being competent and qualified and being experienced.

In regional and rural locations skills shortages mean that graduates are often walking straight into jobs with funded services but the employers of mediators and FDR practitioners in metropolitan areas indicate little appetite for giving new entrants to the industry a start if they don’t have experience.

That is less of an issue for those who are intending establishing their own practice but is somewhat of a concern for those who are seeking the security of employment.

Our suggestion is that since experience comes from doing the work that graduates should focus on doing the work and through that process gain experience.

Co-mediation is the best way for inexperienced practitioners to develop experience in more complex matters while ensuring that their clients receive the best possible service.

Getting started as a new mediator

What to do?

Finally we looked at considering all the options available and prioritising them based on the effort they take to implement (how hard it is for you specifically) and what is the likely return on the time and /or money invested.

When you start out that is a gestimate at best but over time you can predict the likely return on investment in terms of the response rate to marketing, who your best referral partners are and what to spend your resources on.

Some of our participants shared some excellent examples of what has worked for them in the past in terms of developing professional service businesses.

We hold a webinar every Monday evening and encourage students to participate as an extension of the online learning available through your course.

Follow this link to see the weekly theme and book in on Eventbright

Webinar: Change and Communication in Mediation

In this webinar we discuss the concept of  “living above the line” and how the process of mediation can help people to let go of disempowering blame, excuses and denial and take control over their situation by taking responsibility for their actions, be accountable and take ownership over the results in their lives.

We also look at one of the key skills that mediators use to control the process Paraphrasing.

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