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Transformative Parenting Mediation

If you are interested in transformative mediation you may be interested in watching this webinar hosted by the Virtual Mediation Lab.

A Transformative Parenting Mediation Model with Wayne Plenert – 1-Hour Webinar and Video – April 25, 2017


Wayne Plenert is a retired lawyer who mediates, now as a mentor, and who teaches mediation and interpersonal conflict (family dynamics). He obtained his Masters of Law (ADR) in 2002. Since then he has looked for ways in which the theories of ADR can be implemented in practice. Also, he has been active in mediation development in British Columbia. He was president of the BC Mediator Roster Society when it merged as a founding partner of Mediate BC Society. He was very involved in Mediate BC’s Roster Committee, and with efforts at designing and improving ADR programs.

At present, he is leading the “Northern Navigator” project, a pilot family assessment/probable mediation program in the Peace River Provincial Courts of northeastern British Columbia. He enjoys his garden railway, his wife’s garden, a small Anabaptist church in Dawson Creek BC, and he loves the mediation community.


This webinar was intended for parenting mediators who are looking for connections between practice and theory. They learned how to:

  • Explore how children are players (forming a conflict triangle) in the dysfunctional relationship of separated parents.
  • Examine how there can no truce until this triangle is recognized and addressed.
  • Consider how the presenting conflicts of the parents are opportunities for developing this truce and then building a model by which children can thrive in their separated environment (taken from John Paul Lederach’s Transformative Conflict approach).

The Transformative Parenting Mediation Model recognizes the identity of the players; the need for developing trust and a new form of relationship; all on a platform based on Isolina Ricci’s Mom’s House, Dad’s House model. You will walk through the steps that Wayne Plenert has developed in applying this approach and that are set out in his paper (in pdf format) A Transformative Parenting Model


  • Introducing a new and different model of parenting mediation in which mediators can guide parents from a place of dysfunction to a truce, and then where they are interested, to where their children can thrive and can get the best that each parent has to offer.
  • Outlining for mediators why parenting after separation so often fails to find a path to this outcome.
  • Providing some theories and practical guidance on how mediators can approach these concerns and opportunities.
  • A post-webinar discussion on how much mediators should guide or direct parties in their approaches to parenting differences and difficulties.


View or print Wayne Plenert’s presentation (in Pdf format)

Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2017

We now have dates for the Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2017 #AuMAW2017

The week is an opportunity for mediators and other Alternative (to going to court) Dispute Resolution (ADR) Practitioners to showcase their approaches to dispute resolution.

The event is hosted by the not-for-profit Interact Support and is supported by a number of mediation and other dispute resolution services throughout Australia.

Why October?

The event is timed to align with Mediation Awareness Weeks being run around the world.

How can I get Involved?

Anyway you would like to.

  • Host an event
  • Volunteer to help an event host or Interact Support
  • Sponsor an event with in-kind or cash donation
  • Help with marketing and publicity
  • Attend events and show your support

Find out a bit more about the event on the Mediation Awareness Week website

Join the facebook group We need a few more likes to get the name changed from the short sighted 2016.


CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching Workshop

CINERGY™ Conflict Management
Coaching Workshop

Learn the skills to support people experiencing relational conflict through one-on-one conflict management coaching in this 4 day workshop

Coach individuals through conflict

As a Resolution Institute trained CINERGY® conflict management coach, you will be able to coach individuals to:

  • Reflect on and gain a better understanding on their approach to conflict
  • Help shift destructive reactions to more constructive responses
  • Communicate effectively in conflict situations
  • Develop skills to manage disputes more collaboratively.

About the workshop

The 4-day workshop is highly interactive incorporating self-reflection, skill-building exercises, discussions, simulations, demonstrations and practice sessions as coach, client and observer.

Participants will:

  • Identify the unique principles and methods of conflict management coaching
  • Explore the framework that underpins conflict management coaching
  • Learn and practice the stages of CINERGY® conflict management coaching
  • Reflect on and gain a better understanding of their own skills in managing conflict and change
  • Learn how to empower individuals to identify their own solutions
  • Develop skills to be an effective conflict management coach
  • Learn how to use this method as effective preparation for mediation
  • Gain an appreciation of the many applications and uses of conflict management coaching
  • Learn to apply different conflict management coaching strategies
  • Develop an understanding of the conflict cycle and learn about the Not-so merry go round of conflict.

Complimentary membership: non members receive a complimentary 12 month Resolution Institute graduate membership on completion.

Find out more

Read our training flyer or contact Resolution Institute on 02 9251 3366   
  Note: This information is provided by Mediation Institute for the information of students and graduates. Mediation Institute has no involvement in the delivery of this course and does not receive any payment related to enrolments in the course. 


13 – 16 March 2017

28 – 31 March 2017

See more dates >>


Early bird rate*: $2,497
Member rate $2,497
Standard rate: $2,739

*Avail. one month prior to workshop

Group discount available for 3 or more registrations

Elder Mediation Training in Adelaide

Elder mediation training in Hobart 

8-10 March 2017, Hobart

This 3 day intensive training by Associate Professor Dale Bagshaw is an opportunity to learn from one of Australia’s most experienced elder mediators and trainers.

The course can also be counted toward certification with the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) and for CPD points for mediation accreditation. Elder mediation training flyer TAS flyer

Download the Registration Form Here – Elder mediation training TAS rego

This course is associated with

Mediation Institute provides this information as a service to our students and graduates only. Mediation Institute has no association with this workshop or any financial benefit from any enrolments in the course.


Mediation Centre

Mediation Institute is proud to announce the establishment of the Mi Mediation Centre in Bentleigh East in Melbourne.

The Centre has been established to provide professional development for new mediators and ongoing work for experienced mediators.

Our model is to use co-mediation to ensure that clients receive high quality services and to provide opportunities for shared learning.

We are currently accepting applications from NMAS Accredited Mediators and FDR Practitioners who are interested in working with the Mi Mediation Centre.

Work Placements

The Mediation Centre also houses Interact Support a not-for-profit providing low cost support for Family Law.

Our interns work with our Interact Support clients under the supervision of an accredited FDR Practitioner to ensure that services provided are to the appropriate standard.

A 50 hour work placements are included in the course for Mediation Institute CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution.

Mediation Institute also offers a Work Placement Program for students of other institutions through Mi Mediation Centre.

The program includes:

  • Demonstration role play by the applicant to determine current level of competence. A non-refundable fee of $550 applies.
  • Fifty (50) hours of work with clients within a Family Dispute Resolution Service
  • A minimum of five (5) cases with families where the student provides dispute resolution services under the supervision of a mentor
  • A minimum of three (3) formally structured supervision sessions with the allocated mentor
  • Coordination of the work placement with the applicants training organisation in accordance with their assessment requirements.

There is a fee associated with the work placement program for students of other training institutions to cover the cost to provide the program. Please contact Mediation Institute for more information.


Mi Mediation Centre provides a full range of mediation services with a focus on Family Dispute Resolution, Workplace Mediation and RTO Dispute Resolution.  Visit for more information.



STOP Domestic Violence Conference

logostopdv16This conference’s objective is to Provide a Platform for a Unified National Voice on Stopping Domestic Violence.

It will run from the 5th to the 7th December 2016 at the Mecure in Brisbane. There will be a wide variety of presentations including presentations from Mediation Institute directors Paul Kenna and Joanne Law.

Register to attend the conference or one of the workshops associated with the conference.

Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2016

Interact Support is hosting the inaugural Mediation Awareness Week and will have a display at the conference showing the range of events being held throughout Australia during the week.

Follow the event on social media with #AuMAW2016

To host an event or find out more about how you can support the week visit


We will be making two presentations

  • Interact Support – low cost support for family law matters
  • The untapped potential of mediation in preventing family violence

We hope to see some of you at the event.

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