Career Opportunities

Career opportunities

There are a range of career opportunities open to qualified mediators. They approach or approaches you take will depend on your personal goals, experience and attitude to work.

Option One: Working for someone else

There are a number of different services that employ people how need dispute resolution qualifications.

  • Family Dispute Resolution Services – they will require you to have or be completing qualifications to become FDR Accredited.
  • Community Mediation Service – these may offer FDR or more general mediation requiring NMAS Accreditation
  • Ombudsman services – require people with dispute resolution skills
  • Court mediation services – require NMAS Accredited Mediators
  • Private mediation business – may employ or contract mediators 
  • Mediator / dispute resolution role – larger businesses have dispute resolution roles within a business or organisation. These may be dedicated roles or as part of another role.
  • Employee Assistance Programs – many employee assistance programs now offer dispute resolution as well as counselling.

Option Two: Working for yourself

  • Contracting to one of the types of organisations above
  • Running your own Family Dispute Resolution Practice
  • Working with others to run a FDR or Mediation business
  • Providing contract mediation services to organisations
  • Dispute resolution consulting and training

Interact Support

Interact Support was established by a group of Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and Family Lawyers including Mediation Institute Directors Joanne Law and Paul Kenna. It’s mission is to prevent family violence by helping people who have issues and disputes to resolve them before they escalate into violence.

The main services it provides are information (Interact Family Law Options Consultations), family dispute resolution by video mediation or referral to independent FDRP’s and legal advice and strategy sessions by referral to family lawyers. The not-for-profit provides internship opportunities for Mediation Institute students and the potential for ongoing contract work depending on demand.

Work Placement

Mediation Institute encourages students to make use of work placement opportunities to establish networks, gain experience and prepare a pathway to paid employment / work opportunities as a mediator.

Jobs Directory

Mediation Institute scans the job ads for mediation related jobs as well as posts information about panels and other opportunities for dispute resolution practitioners for the benefit of members.

You can find the Job’s Board Archive under the News and Event’s Menu on any page on the website. The expired jobs there will give an indication of some to the roles available.

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Career opportunities

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