There are a number of career opportunities open to qualified mediators.

Working for someone else

  • Family Dispute Resolution Service
  • Community Mediation Service
  • Ombudsman service
  • Court mediation service
  • Private mediation business
  • Mediator / dispute resolution role within a business or organisation

Working for yourself

  • Contracting to one of the types of organisations above
  • Running your own Family Dispute Resolution Practice
  • Working with others to run a FDR or Mediation business
  • Providing contract mediation services to organisations
  • Dispute resolution consulting

Pathways to work

Mediation Institute have strategies in place to help our students transition to work in the speciality area of mediation.

Australian Dispute Resolution Cooperative

The Coop provides the opportunity to share resources and gain practical experience as a mediator.  Visit to find out more.

Interact Support

Interact Support provides services to those in conflict including Family Dispute Resolution.  The not-for-profit provides internship opportunities for Mediation Institute students and the potential for ongoing contract work depending on demand.

Work Placement

Mediation Institute encorages students to make use of work placement opportunities to establish networks, gain experience and prepare a pathway to paid employment / work opportunities as a mediator.




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