BSB42615 - Certificate IV in New Small Business

Mediation Institute has designed an innovative course for the delivery of the BSB42615 – Certificate IV in New Small Business designed for professional service providers. We also provide qualified trainers and training for the delivery of the course. Delivery is offered in partnership with registered training organisations.

Coaching and Mentoring

We train adults as if they are adults and not school students. What that means is that we work with learners using a coaching and mentoring model and adult learning strategies.


Self-paced online learning

Online learning provides the advantage of allowing you to move as quickly or slowly as you need to through the material, to come back to content when you need to review and puts our learners in the drivers seat of their education.


What can go wrong? Wrong plan or poor implementation.

In business as in life, “if you fail to plan you plan to fail”. Our course is designed to help learners to develop an effective plan for their business and once it is viable on paper to engage in the iterative process of implementation, review, learning, adjustment and ultimately success.

Course options and add on’s

This course is offered in partnership with RTO’s as a full vocational qualification CHC42615 – Certificate IV in New Small Business (Professional Services) for people moving from a job to establishing a new business tailored to the needs of professional services businesses.

We also have available a coaching and mentoring program using the materials as a resource for those who are not interested in the Certificate IV level qualification.

Course Materials, Training, Assessing and Mentoring

Everything except what the RTO does
  • high quality materials for a selection of units
  • customised training program designed for professional services businesses
  • qualified trainers (contracted to Mediation Institute)
  • qualified assessors (contracted to Mediation Institute)
  • all trainers and assessors are experienced business owners who can provide valuable coaching and mentoring

Training Materials Available

What units are available?

The qualification has four core units which every learner must complete to complete the full qualification. We also think that they are knowledge that you must have to successfully run a small business. They are:

  1. BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business
  2. BSBSMB402 Plan small business finances
  3. BSBSMB403 Market the small business
  4. BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning

There are a wide range of electives that can be added to make up your full course or done as single units or areas of study if you prefer.

We recommend the delivery of this course using syndicate groups to encourage a shared learning methodology.

We have recommendations for structuring your electives into a “Major” based on the individual needs of each student.

Recommended Electives

  • BSBSMB405 – Monitor and manage small business operations
  • CHCCOM002 – Use communication to build relationships

If taking a focused learning approach we recommend selecting a “Major”

The course has ten units so you only have a choice of 1 major or random three units from the selection available to make a more customised leaning program.

CHCSS00110 – Mediation Skill Set

For those including dispute resolution in their professional services package.

  • CHCMED001 – Prepare for Mediation
  • CHCMED002 – Facilitate Mediation  (RPL Credits for NMAS Mediators)
  • CHCMED003 – Consolidate and Conclude Mediation (RPL Credits for NMAS Mediators)

SITSS0062 – Online Engagement for Small Business

For those focusing on social media marketing in their marketing strategy.

  • SITXEBS001 – Use social media in a business
  • SITXEBS002 – Develop, implement and monitor the use of social media in a business
  • SITEXBS003 – Build and launch a small business website

Single Units

There are a number of units that you may also chose from.

When this course is offered in a way that leads to a qualification it is offered in partnership with a Registered Training Organisation with the qualification on scope.

What are the entry requirements?

To enrol in the course you must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

There are no formal entry requirements in regards to prior education or experience for this qualification however it is delivered in English and requires English language and literacy skills are sufficient for you to successfully complete the course.

You would not be required to complete a language, literacy and numeracy test if you are able to provide evidence that you have either:

  • Successfully completed Australian Year 12 or
  • Successfully completed a Certificate III or higher qualification under the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Framework and
  • Have at least 12 months work experience in a role that involves communicating with customers and/or colleagues in writing and verbally and
  • Sound literacy, numeracy and computing skills that allow you to use a personal computer to make simple documents, access the internet and use video meeting technology.

If you have any concerns about your ability to complete the studies it is best to talk about your concerns and seek help for additional support.

The learning materials and some of the assessment within this qualification are in a written format. In order to successfully complete this course, you must have the ability to read and comprehend learning materials and undertake a variety of written assessments.

Are you setting up a new professional services business?

Mediation Institute delivers training that is accessible and customised to your individual needs through a coaching and mentoring methodology.

If you are ready to start your own business we know that you already possess most of the skills and knowledge you need but probably need some support and guidance to repurpose what you know to your current situation.

You probably also need a sounding board, someone to critique for you and help you to get out of your comfort zone to do what needs to be done to get your business to where you want it to be.

Are you an RTO looking for a partner to provide content and delivery services?

Mediation Institute designs and customises training and assessment materials in order to provide innovative content designed to improve engagement and knowledge retention.

We also provide trainers and assessors who can work with students nation wide (world wide if necessary) to really learn rather than just produce evidence.

As an RTO all you need to do is to have the qualification on scope, provide oversight and validation in accordance with your obligations as an RTO and issue the certificates once the course is completed.

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