Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2017

We now have dates for the Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2017 #AuMAW2017

The week is an opportunity for mediators and other Alternative (to going to court) Dispute Resolution (ADR) Practitioners to showcase their approaches to dispute resolution. www.interact.support

The event is hosted by the not-for-profit Interact Support and is supported by a number of mediation and other dispute resolution services throughout Australia.

Why October?

The event is timed to align with Mediation Awareness Weeks being run around the world.

How can I get Involved?

Anyway you would like to.

  • Host an event
  • Volunteer to help an event host or Interact Support
  • Sponsor an event with in-kind or cash donation
  • Help with marketing and publicity
  • Attend events and show your support

Find out a bit more about the event on the Mediation Awareness Week website

Join the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/Australian-Mediation-Awareness-Week-2016-824161487686869/ We need a few more likes to get the name changed from the short sighted 2016.


Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2017

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