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Australian International Mediation Awareness Week 2022

Australian International Mediation Awareness Week 2022

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We have now started planning for Australian International Mediation Awareness Week 2022 and need the help of the dispute resolution community and organisations  embedding Mediation in their organiations in Australia. 

What is Australian International Mediation Awareness Week?


IMAW is a global initiative to increase awareness of Mediation and other forms of appropriate dispute resolution throughout the world.  With that awareness we know that there will be improved understanding of the benefits of mediation for professionals and the general community and greater use of mediation rather than more expensive and higher conflict approaches such as legal action or resorting to violence.

Mediation Institute is leading the regional team for Australasia but we welcome any other Recognised Mediator Accreditation Bodies (RMAB’s), other professional associations, training providers and practitioners of other forms of appropriate dispute resolution (ADR) to get involved. 

How can you get involved?

There are three main ways you can get involved. That is as an event partner, as a presenter or supporting leading up to and during the event. 

Become an Event Partner

Event Partners are organisations wanting to showcase their support for dispute resolution. We are in discussion with legal tech companies, organisations who are implementing mediation programs within their organisations and more. 

This year we will be theming our days of the week to provide interest filled days for those in various sectors. 

  • Monday 7th November – to be confirmed
  • Tuesday 8th November – to be confirmed
  • Wednesday 9th November – to be confirmed
  • Thursday 10th November – to be confirmed
  • Friday 11th November – to be confirmed 

Become an Exhibitor

IMAW attracts a global audience and we are here to showcase organisations that want to highlight their services and programs by building a virtual exhibit. 

As an Exhibitor you will have access to exclusive events, recordings, and raised visibility for your brand.

Provide administrative and event support

Help us to create an amazing event by being part of the event team for Australasia. 

Promote and Support

IMAW Podcaset

Hosted by Australasian Regional Host Joanne Law. Listen to Regonal Hosts, Speakers, Event Partners and Exhibitors talking about their approach and support for mediation. 

IMAW Australia 2021


Over 5 days!

Recordings Archive of our Keynote and Webinar presentations from 2021. 

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Australian International Mediation Awareness Week 2022

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