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Updated 9th September 2021

The team working with Mediation Institute are excited to be collaborating with the International Mediation Awareness Week to host a local series of online events in conjunction with mediators throughout the world in November 2021.

The events are designed to improve understanding of the benefits of mediation for professionals and the general community.

Mediation Institute is leading the regional team for Australia however we invite and encourage mediators accredited by other Recognised Mediator Accreditation Bodies (RMAB’s), other professional associations and training providers and practitioners of other forms of appropriate dispute resolution (ADR) to get involved. 

How can you get involved?

There are three main ways you can get involved. That is as a sponsor, presenter or back of house support to assist with event planning and on the day management.

1. Sponsor

Maw Sponsorship

There are options to sponsor as an individual, to sponsor an event or for corporate sponsorship.

Sponsorship provides visibility for your business and is appropriate for mediation businesses as well as service providers for mediators such as insurance companies and others.

Find out more about being a sponsor –  Sponsor IMAW Australia


Eoi'S Open

We are currently accepting expressions of interest for those interested in being on the presentation lineup for the Australian Mediation Awareness Week.

There will be a range of activities every day:

  • Breakfast networking for mediators and other professionals (one per day)
  • Keynote talks every day (one per day)
  • Mock mediation demonstrations (one per day)
  • Meet the Mediator sessions (9 over the week)
  • Webinars for Mediators and related professionals (one per day)
  • Webinars for users of mediation (one per day)
  • A panel debate on the topic of Culture and Dispute Resolution in the afternoon of Friday 12th November.
Submit your expression of interest to find out more about being a presenter –  Get Involved with IMAW Australia

Promote and Support

Support And Promote
If you prefer a back of house role we have opportunities for you to support and promote International Mediation Awareness Week and Australian Mediation Awareness Week.

We will need help to work with presenters and promote the events, people to assist presenters on the day  and everything in between!
Submit your expression of interest to find out more about being a back of house volunteer –  Get Involved with IMAW Australia

IMAW Australia 2021


Over 5 days!

International Mediation Awareness Week 2021 has commenced!

Note re COVID – International Mediation Awareness Week have made the decision that the 2021 event will be fully online throughout the world.

Australian Mediation Awareness Week in addition to the events listed above which will run in collaboration with the International Mediation Awareness Week will also be happy to promote events held in Australia that are face to face on our calendar of events.

That means that if you want to host in person breakfasts, mock mediation or other activities during the week you can.  Let’s wait till the latest COVID flare up is under control to consider those options!

You can contact Joanne Law at Mediation Institute to talk about in person events.

International Mediation Awareness Week 2021

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