Student and Graduate Testimonials

I enrolled and completed the NMAS accreditation and Graduate Diploma of FDR with Mediation Institute in March 2017. After researching several different colleges, I chose Mediation Institute as they were very approachable, encouraging and were passionate about mediation, and gave me the confidence to proceed considering my career background.

 I found their extra support given during the course was exceptional, with availability, including mentoring and coaching when I required it from a go to person in my area. I also thoroughly enjoyed the weekly webinars, on a diverse range of topics.

 I found the online courseware was well laid out, interesting, relevant, and doable. I was a little apprehensive with the practical role-plays initially and especially during the mediator role, but very quickly they became fun, and watching the different interactions and approaches to resolutions very intriguing and diverse.

 I found the mentoring and tutorials excellent, and to be honest were critical to my understanding and completion of this course. Also from discussions I discovered my passion for mediation and its various aspects around resolve in separation, divorce, and parenting matters.  I plan to become involved in as many aspects of this career path that present in the near future, and hopefully in conjunction with Mediation Institute personal.

 In retrospect, I would definitely undertake the course again with no hesitations, and highly recommend Mediation Institute to anyone interested in this career path.


Cynthia Brooking

Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Residential Youth Support Worker

Why did you choose Mediation Institute and were your expectations met?

What made you look into Mediation?

I work for a Family Relationship Centre as a Family Advisor and both my employer and I wanted me to study to become accredited as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

So how did you find Mediation institute

My employer asked me to look into training providers online. One of my colleagues had completed her training through a different training provider but hadn’t been completely satisfied with the level of support and quality of teaching so I looked at other providers, including MI, and compared them.

 How was your 1st contact and / or enrolment process.

I sent an email, which was quickly responded to.  I also spoke to Joanne on the phone. Joanne was warm and friendly and gave me a comprehensive overview of the services MI provides.

After enrolling I participated in a Zoom video conference with Colin and Ken which was fantastic.  It is often daunting to navigate through a new website, especially for study courses with unfamiliar material, so to have Colin and Ken demonstrate this visually via video was brilliant.

And what made you decide to study with them?

I compared three organisations, including MI. One of the organisations required face to face attendance in Perth, which is 4 hours’ drive away from me. This would have meant travel and accommodation costs.  MI provides all of its services online.

The second organisation’s content didn’t include property mediation, which I wanted to know more about as the FRC I work at doesn’t provide property mediation. MI provides training for property mediation.

I was also most impressed with MI out of the training providers I looked at, so I went with them.

How did you find the LMS /course material / studying on line / Zoom conferencing.

Just excellent. It was reassuring for me that MI’s course material focussed significantly on important issues that challenge me in the workplace, including family violence and dealing with difficult clients. Being able to participate in webinars to ask questions and meet other students was great.

I really enjoyed the role playing because it put you in real life situations, which enabled learning of practical as well as theoretical skills.

Did you get support and feedback from trainers and staff during the course?

The trainers and staff were friendly, informative, constructive, supportive and professional, all at the same time. Assessment tasks were marked quickly, with informative comments and feedback.

 What has been happening since you have become a qualified mediator.

I continue to work at the Family Relationship Centre and will now be able to conduct solo FDRs.

Would you recommend Mediation institute to others?

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending MI. I would be happy to be contacted directly by any prospective students who wanted to chat about it.

Anthea Shaw

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Family Relationship Centre, Family Relationship Centre

The student testimonials below are from end of course survey responses. The survey was anonymous to ensure that students felt able to identify any issues or deficiencies.


I spoke to enrolments who were very open about the company and were it was going. I didn’t feel pressure but rather intrigued to learn more. It was the best choice I ever made.

Mediation Institute Student

Because of its reputation in the community as a training institution

Mediation Institute Student

Because it was the only one I could find that was specifically mediation and that provided a recognised qualification at the end.

Mediation Institute Student

In this busy world I live in, the on-line training and face-to-face sessions have been the perfect mix of learning and practising my newly learnt skills. The website information and ease of contact with the Education Director to answer any questions I had was a big reason I chose the Mediation Institute.

Mediation Institute Student

It was one of the providers of the FDR course. It was online and no time frame. My expectations were very well met.

Mediation Institute Student

Joanne Law and the Mediation Institute have delivered a self paced, thorough, intensive, online Grad Dip FDR qualification. Her skill and knowledge is boundless. Students are very well supported and guided through the information required to become an FDRP and further direction is provided to immerse themselves into their career through the ADRCo-op and other relevant memberships and associations.

Mediation Institute Student

I chose Mediation Institute on the recommendation of a friend and because it was close to where I live. The course provided both online and face-to-face learning opportunities. I would have preferred more of a balance of these mediums with more face-to face workshops, when possible.

Mediation Institute Student

I chose the course as it was self administered so I could do at my own pace.

Mediation Institute Student

My expectations were met as I wanted to source a course that didn’t require lengthy placements away from my home life. It suited my needs as I was already providing alternate dispute resolution and it allowed me to blend this with study and continue to work within my own business as I gained a qualification. I wanted the opportunity to become competent at video mediation and I feel that this was the course that allowed successfully for this to happen.

Mediation Institute Student

I appreciated the opportunity to pursue a non-graduate pathway offered by MI. The ability to undertake studies without the commitment and costs of residential schools was a big factor. That said, I really enjoyed a weekend workshop conducted here in Brisbane.

Mediation Institute Student

Well and truly

Mediation Institute Student

I prefer being trained by specialists – I did my counselling diploma with the Austr. Inst. of Professional counsellors and it was only natural to do my mediation training with specialists in Mediation. My expectations for the course were exceeded; not only is it a fantastic and comprehensive course but the feedback and all my questions were answered in a really helpful and detailed way. That was the icing of the cake. Thank you!

Mediation Institute Student

At the time I thought it was the only online course because it was all I could find. I’m very glad it was as I loved the pathways course and feel I have been educated to be a competent and successful Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Joanne Law’s depth of knowledge and expertise in FDR and Mediation is second to none.

Mediation Institute Student

I chose the Mediation Institute because of its capacity to be self paced and completed online. This was the best fit for my family life and other commitments.

Mediation Institute Student

Was the standout course after I did my research

Mediation Institute Student

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