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What is a mediation role play?

What is a mediation role play?  We answer this question in this blog post because it can be really hard for students to know what is and isn't an acceptable standard when it comes to their studies. This is especially true when the are leaning something that requires...

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Hosted NMAS Accreditation Course

Mediation Institute now offers the opportunity for organisations to arrange a blended delivery NMAS Accreditation Course through a hosted workshop model. How does it work? Mediation Institute provides this opportunity for organisations who have 3 or more...

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Join Mediation Institute and save

If you are a Mediator or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner are you paying too much for your membership association? Join Mediation Institute and save some money Some of the reasons for joining Mediation Institute is a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB)...

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Conflict of Interest waiver

From time to time as a mediator, you may be in a position to make a decision about whether to proceed with mediation or FDR when there is a potential conflict of interest. If there was a genuine conflict of interest you would be required by ethical standards to...

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Elearning Mediation Training

eLearning Mediation Training is a specialty area for Mediation Institute. We provide training for people who want to become dispute resolution professionals but who can't afford five days straight of training typically offered by other training providers.  Our...

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